Update Acadia Community Garden & Art Society June 16, 2020

Good morning friends,

Sunny skies and Cherry news. 

Aren’t we glad we cleared stage one of the Covid-19 Calgary city reopening schedule ahead of the timetable? We can expect some more return to normalcy in the next few days.

Let’s dig in

Thanks to all who attended the Garden On webinar series on how to get the most out of your garden bed? Hopefully we have started implementing some of the tidbits from the series. Don’t fret if you missed this, I will keep you informed of any new series in the future.

Volunteer Volunteer Volunteer

Our community garden is driven by the time our gardeners and other volunteers are able to devote to it. Hopefully we have all signed up for our mandatory slots for this season. If you are not fully on boarded to volunteer, kindly reach Melissa by email i3paquette@gmail.com

Do you want to be more involved with the Garden’s operations this year? We are looking for a couple more members to join our Health and Safety Committee. No experience is necessary! This year’s goal is to identify hazards in the garden and provide measures to reduce those hazards. To join the committee, kindly email swingler.jill@gmail.com

If you would like to be in any of our next learning video series, explaining  one or various to-dos to fellow gardeners, kindly reply here or email i3paquette@gmail.com

 Safety (Covid-19) Measures

Please remember, we must continue to take responsibility for our safety at all times and when we are in the garden. If you haven’t seen our garden safety video, kindly do so right away https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0rOlHU9myo. The video was recently adopted by the Calgary Horticultural Society and has been shared to numerous gardeners across Calgary.

If you are renting a raised bed this season and haven’t signed your Responsibilities for all Acadia Garden Users re COVID-19.pdf (attached) that must be signed by all users, kindly do so and send same to lindsay.struthers@gmail.com

Happenings in the Garden

Our potato trial garden has started and we are very expectant about the possible outcomes we will get after this season.

3 cubic yards of soil was donated by Calgary Parks.

Ensure to use the bleach and sanitizers generously.

You will notice leaks from the hose trolley. To use it in the meantime, kindly ensure there is pressure in it. It will reduce the leak while we ensure a permanent fix for the leaks.


We appreciate every single one of our sponsors. Our sponsors remain an integral part of our ability as a community. See a list of our sponsors here and their contributions https://growingacadia.ca/sponsors

Wonderful News – A Battery Powered Lawn Mower has been donated anonymously by a Friend of the Garden. THANK YOU FRIEND! Expect to see this beauty in the shed some time Monday.

The batteries will be recharged by Melissa so once the mower has done its work, email Melissa at volunteer@growingacadia.ca and she’ll switch the used battery for a fresh one.

You’ll have the option of mulching the grass or using the bag so feel free to simply mulch unless Ron/Melody – the composting duo – tell you that they need the clippings for the bins.


– mowing often is faster & easier than letting the grass get long

– mow when the grass is dry or the machine may clog

The manual can be found in the link below. Look it over before you use the mower in case you have questions. The paper manual will be left in the shed for your reference.


We’ll be sending an email out to all gardeners in a week or two asking if we should leave the push (reel) mower in the shed as well as the battery powered one. The push mower had been donated to the Garden in 2013 and has seen a lot of use.

We’d understand if some of you prefer to keep using it, or perhaps we’ll find you’re ready to move on to the newer one.

Special mention and appreciation to:

Brian Struthers of Brian’s Customs Scroll Saw for numbering our garden beds. Kindly follow him on facebook and check out his services on the website https://customscrollsawart.wixsite.com/scroll-saw-art

Caroline Wagner for directing our safety video. You can check her works out via Facebook here or on twitter and reach her to commission works carolineannewagner@gmail.com

See you soon in the garden


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