Tupperware Fundraiser – Acadia Community Garden and Art Society

Tupperware Fundraiser- 40% of proceeds goes to the Acadia Community Garden

From Acadia Community gardener, Mindy Hamel:

“In order for our Garden to grow, we require more than water, sunshine & fantastic soil.”

The Acadia Community Garden and Art Society is building a stronger Acadia by providing a social space for the community, working with our schools and churches to provide educational opportunities as well as providing garden beds for rent, a community orchard and pollinator garden… AND it’s my beautiful community garden!

I have only been a member of the garden for one year but seeing how hard working and dedicated the board is and how much they accomplished last year is SO inspiring! Of course none of these amazing projects, or the ones planned for this year (not to mention the insane insurance bill) can be funded without community fundraising so I have started a Tupperware Fundraising Campaign!

The best part of Tupperware fundraising is that The Acadia Community Garden and Art Society will receive 40% of the proceeds of sales! And of course, I will be donating all of my commissions on top of that.

Please take a quick look at the fundraiser using this link and consider helping my little slice of bliss!

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