Starting seeds indoors

It’s very easy to start seeds in your home, provided you have a few key ingredients. 

Lighting is all important! Your new seedlings will benefit from about 16 hours of direct sunlight daily. You can buy grow lights or, for a thriftier solution, some fluorescent fixtures with one cool and one warm spectrum bulb. In this set up, I use reflective material to keep the light bouncing around.

You’ll need a fan. You must keep air circulating around your babies, to fend off mold & mildew (damping off can be catastrophic) and to strengthen the stems.

A protected table surface is a must. You’ll never want to let a seedling dry out so chances are good that you’re going to have water on your table. A few trash bags sliced open should be enough to keep your surface safe.

Finally, patience. Some seeds germinate quickly, some lag behind.

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