Hello Acadia! -September 2020

How Does Our Garden Grow?Perhaps you’re new to the concept of a Community Garden? The basic idea is that people collectively use a plot of land to garden, usually growing vegetables, herbs or fruits. At our Acadia Community Garden, we have raised beds, which people can rent and other spots that are available for harvesting by the public.

I’m sure you can imagine that our renters are none too happy when they have worked hard all season, only to come out and discover someone has plucked their reward away! To help make things clearer, there is signage, so ya’ll know what is up for grabs.

Hint: No Picking means – DO NOT TOUCH!! But…. Community Bed “YES!” = HELP YOURSELF!!!

We have a few areas that people are most welcome to enjoy. In the Community Beds, we have tried to plant things people love – like carrots, lettuce, herbs and more! Check out our fruit forest which contains edible fruit shrubs and trees. There’s a cool raised strawberry bed with other good stuff planted in there as well. And behind the shed are our raspberry beds. Yum!

We also have some dedicated Food Bank beds.  Please! Confine your picking to the Community Bed ‘YES’! We love people to come to enjoy our space. It is here for you!!

See you at the Garden!

Laurie Vanderwal
Vice President

Acadia Community Garden & Art Society is committed to providing an environment free of discrimination and harassment, where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity, can contribute fully and have equal opportunities.  If you experience any discrimination or harassment, please contact us on our phone or media sites.

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