Hello Acadia! – May 2021

Hello neighbours

Joanne Klein is President of the Acadia Community Garden & Art Society and a 9-year resident of Acadia. Following is story about what attracted her to our Garden:

“The funny thing is, I thought I didn’t like politics.

That’s what I always said, anyway. 

I didn’t want to get into the mix.

I didn’t want to do the homework.

I didn’t want to have another debate, argument, or fight.

From the sideline, those negatives outshone any positives.

So, I didn’t get involved. In anything. And it stayed that way until I moved to Acadia.

When I arrived in 2012, I had a three-week-old baby that required all my energy. My milk had come in sparingly and I struggled to get him fed adequately. He didn’t want the bottle, I couldn’t pump, and as a result, I spent the better part of the year rocking in my chair with a dozy baby who needed to feed for hours at a time. For someone who liked to be busy, I finally learned how to relax.

I noticed the movement of light through the days and nights. 

The wind rocked the spruces across the street and the flickers found the ants in the yard.

Neighbours walked their dogs, rode their bikes, and took up jogging.

Still I rocked. And I rocked. And I rocked.

Maybe I was lonely, though I don’t remember feeling that way. What I do remember was the feeling of connection that was created that year. Connection to my child; connection to the neighbourhood I was becoming a part of. The baby, the neighbourhood, and I all changed and grew together.

When I finally left my rocking chair, we strolled through the streets we’d communed with all those days and nights. My molecules mixed with my neighbours. We shared a pulse. We’d become intertwined. There’s an alchemy that takes place in meditation and without anticipating it, my new neighbourhood and I were one.

I joined the Acadia Community Garden & Art Society because I’m a gardener and an artist. It’s a vibrant organization full of passionate people with whom I share interests. They’ve become my friends and together, we move mountains. 

All community organizations have the power to move mountains. It’s their superpower. When you gather a group of committed and spirited people who share goals and are willing to organise, their power transforms. Alchemy! 

And suddenly that word, the one people say with a sour face, the one I disdained…politics…resolved itself into the ‘relationship between people’ and I fell in love.

Building community is an act of love.

Participating in the community is an act of love.

I love my community.

And I love my role within it.”

 – Joanne Klein
Vice President
Acadia Community Garden and Art Society, Calgary



Please note: Events are subject to change and will be held according to Covid safety guidelines and restrictions.

  • Garden & Art Tour – Saturday, August 14
    • Unfortunately, we had to cancel this event last year. We are hopeful that we will be able to go ahead this summer.  Everything will be outside, and all safety precautions will be implemented. If you’re interested in getting involved or being a host, please see below for our contact information.

Acadia Community Garden & Art Society is committed to providing an environment free of discrimination and harassment, where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity, can contribute fully and have equal opportunities.  If you experience any discrimination or harassment, please contact us on our phone or media sites.

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