Hello Acadia! – February 2015

While Our Community Garden beds continue to sleep, there are some very excited “Green Thumb” students at Acadia School.  Four classes are participating in Calgary Zoo’s Little Green Thumbs program.

Already green bean plants are vining up the trellises of netting.  Other veggies are starting to sprout as well. However, the most exciting part for the children is the red worm wigglers. These little eating machines are happily making compost out of shredded newspaper and leftover fruits and veggies provided by the students and their families.  The students are busy with their to-do charts. They take turns watering plants, cleaning up water spills, feeding the worms, etc. 

 “What is Little Green Thumbs?

Little Green Thumbs is an indoor gardening program that gives elementary and high school students the opportunity to become food producers right in their own classroom! This hands-on, inquiry-based education program helps young people value the health of themselves, the environment and their community.

As students actively co-operate to care for their garden, they learn about nutrition, environmental stewardship, sustainable food systems, and community interdependence
.”  –

Quoted from:   http://www.littlegreenthumbs.org/home

Our Community Garden is thrilled to be supporting these students.  This fall we gave them a tour of our Community Garden. In the spring, we hope to transplant some of their classroom results into one of our garden beds so all their hard work will live through the summer.

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