As a non-profit organization, we rely on people like you to keep our program running. With the generous donations of time, funding and supplies, we enable residents of Calgary to participate in the gardening culture and be part of the network that keeps our community alive.

Call for Volunteers:

Board of Directors:

  • Fundraising Coordinator: Help with local community members and gardeners who are interested in fundraising for our garden. Requires the ability to organize information and keep fellow board members and community members updated with ongoing fundraising efforts. Posted 04/14/2016
  • Volunteer Coordinator- We are currently looking for a coordinator who is interested in helping out our fledgling start up  and to coordinate the people who make our organization possible. We have lots of ideas to make our garden stronger! Posted 10/24/2016
  • Website/ Director at Large: Our website director is leaving to Ontario! We are looking for a design saavvy volunteer to take over the administration and maintenance of our website. Must have experience with wordpress, duties include database trouble shooting, copywriting and working with the Communications lead to update our blog. Perfect for a student looking for experience. Posted January 14th/2017

Please contact info@growingacadia.ca for more information.

Volunteer Tracking:

If you are already a volunteer with us, please let us know the hours that you have put in so we can track it at info@growingacadia.ca, or if we have created an account for you, enter your email and password here.