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Hello Acadia! -September 2020

How Does Our Garden Grow?Perhaps you’re new to the concept of a Community Garden? The basic idea is that people collectively use a plot of land to garden, usually growing vegetables, herbs or fruits. At our Acadia Community Garden, we have raised beds, which people can rent and other spots that are available for harvesting by the public.

I’m sure you can imagine that our renters are none too happy when they have worked hard all season, only to come out and discover someone has plucked their reward away! To help make things clearer, there is signage, so ya’ll know what is up for grabs.

Hint: No Picking means – DO NOT TOUCH!! But…. Community Bed “YES!” = HELP YOURSELF!!!

Hello Acadia! – August 2020

Last month we talked about painting our benches and picnic tables.  I asked what kind of welcoming messages we could use on the benches. Let’s explore that a little bit more.


Hello Acadia! – July 2020

As I walk around our neighborhood, I notice people have moved their chairs and patio sets to their front yards. Many of us are either not working or working from home. Some are retired, but group activities have halted. Kids are home all day. We are missing our work, social, recreational, and scholastic relationships. There are those amongst us who are lonely.


Update Acadia Community Garden & Art Society June 16, 2020

Good morning friends,

Sunny skies and Cherry news. 

Aren’t we glad we cleared stage one of the Covid-19 Calgary city reopening schedule ahead of the timetable? We can expect some more return to normalcy in the next few days.


Hello Acadia! – June 2020

Are you interested in adopting some cute little fluffy pets, but don’t have the space or time necessary? Perhaps you would like a little family project with a great learning opportunity? Or maybe you just want to help mother nature out a bit?



Update: Acadia Community Garden & Art Society April 2020

Morning Everyone,

Uplifting news has been rare in this season. Thankfully, Spring is officially and physically here and gardening season is upon us.

Hope you have had a chance to bask in the good weather these past few days?


Hello Acadia! – May 2020

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, our Annual Garden & Art Tour, which was to be held on June 20, has been postponed until next year.  We would like to thank all those who volunteered to be involved. We are only pausing. Once we have a new date, we’ll be sure to let ya’ll know. Pause…… it’s a great word to describe this very difficult time. We are waiting, sheltering in our homes, for the blizzard of COVID-19 to dissipate. Perhaps….one way to avoid feeling all this uncertainty that is enshrouding us is to think about some of the small things we can accomplish. Like – gardening – especially veggies!


Newsletter April 2019

I know you’re enjoying spring – I’m not even going to ask. 

Gardening season is upon us and while you may not be putting seeds in the earth yet, I’m guessing you’re making plans to. If you’re not, call me, we’ll talk. In the meantime, let me inspire you with news of the Garden. It’s been a busy winter!