About Us

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Located in beautiful and diverse southeast Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The Acadia Community Garden continues to provide residents with a place to practice their gardening in the shadow of the rocky mountains.
We offer affordable space rental, community events, arts festivals, picnics, and much, much more!

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Growing Acadia

Who We Are

The Acadia Community Garden and Art Society was created to provide residents with a place to practice their gardening in Calgary’s neighborhood of Acadia. We offer affordable garden space rental, community events, arts festivals, picnics, and a connection to like minded individuals in the greater Calgary area.

Operating since 2012, the Acadia Community Garden and Art Society is dedicated to contributing to the standard of living for the people in our neighborhood.

Our mighty Board of Directors

  • President: Joanne Klein
  • Vice President: Laurie Vanderwal
  • Past President: Stephanie Sweeney
  • Secretary: Melody Plummer
  • Treasurer: Ron Ilsley
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Melissa Paquette
  • Director of Communications: Oladapo Ajeniya
  • Registrar: Lindsay Struthers
  • Event Coordinators: Jill Swingler
  • Director of Art Development: Allison Duckchief & Harmeen Grewal
  • Volunteer Web Manager: Harshada Bhalerao

Directors at Large

  • Linda Berry
  • Karen Struthers
  • Teyden Haycroft
  • Patty Townsend
  • Corinne Sandhurst
  • Emily Post

Free Little Library

The Acadia Community Garden believes that learning and information is paramount to fostering a healthy community. The Calgary Reads program is an initiative offered throughout the city which has installed miniature libraries boxes in public spaces, allowing citizens to exchange reading material on an anonymous basis. Easy to use, these libraries allow for the free exchange of ideas and books for everybody.

Our little free library was installed in 2014 and offers visitors to drop off or pick up books whenever they feel. As we build more seating for visitors to spend time at the garden, we hope this library will be an integral asset to enjoyment of our space. Please be mindful of keeping our library in safe condition, and make sure that it is closed properly to preserve the material that has been donated.