Renting-300x300Bed Rental

Members are invited to grow flowers, vegetables, herbs or natural plants to enhance their living experience in our raised beds. Beds can be used as an important way to introduce young family members to the discipline of gardening, or as a personal place to expand your gardening practice into the community. Water is easily accessible through a hose system located in the work shed. Renters are provided with an introduction on how to use the facilities once they have filled out the registration form and made their payment.

Our rental season starts November 1st, 2016- October 31st, 2017. All renters are to follow our rental agreement guidelines: acadia-community-garden-user-agreement-2016 .

If you are a returning renter, please fill out the following  form and return it to the registrar with payment: 2017-garden-registration .

If you are interested in becoming a new renter, please contact us.